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Each and every one of us has a story and a powerful calling in our life. At times life gets too busy and we forget amazing part of our being. As a photographer this is a big part of my commitment when I am looking through the view finder. I focus on finding that special moment when someone is willing, for just a minute, to take their masks off and revel their self. Photography for me is much more then capturing a moment, it’s about capturing that unique moment where later on you can see your self and love those images forever. Those image where you let go of judgment about who you think you are, or how you think you looked, etc. I commit to find, with you, in you, in my photography the BEing that doesn’t need to hide, that is accepting of themself without the need to make a specific face or pose, that will allow you to look right.

What is your self?

Are you ready to share it with the world?

This is where we get to live in integrity around who we really are and allow people to fall in love with our true self.  It’s a journey, but I love supporting the people I meet in allowing them to find that bright peace of them and relax and become very comfortable with my camera.

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