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Yesterday I had the Joy of spending time with Julianna and Adam! I have known them for a while now but yesterday both were looking so mature and grown up to me. I thought it was a perfect moment to connect with them through my camera and see how that special magic is going to come out.

When I take photos I am truly committed to finding your special expression that makes you shine, its what I always refer to as your That expression that shows you in all of your essence, shines your uniqueness, have people be reminded of why the love you and what makes you the special one in their hearts.

Yesterday I was able to connect with those parts of these adorable kids souls! I love those moments when I look at the camera and I see that I was just able to grab that look.

Here are some of the images I took yesterday of Julianna and Adam.Let us capture those precious moments in children’s portraits let’s capture their light, their for you to look at and enjoy forever. offer in-studio and outdoor family portrait sessions, as well as event photography to celebrate your child’s milestones. Whether it is, your child’s first birthday, first communion or any other special moment, I capture your children’s portraits to cherish and share.

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