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Staying purposeful during the Corona pandemic

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

It's been 4 weeks that I am home due to all that has happened with the coronavirus. Seeing that life has become so different in the last few weeks. The world has become a crazy place, everyone so vulnerable and feeling out of control, unemployment is growing to levels we have never seen, people are in need of tremendous health care, our medical staffs in the front lines with an unknown enemy, and it seem like a pandemic that will take time to understand and win.

As a family portrait photographer work has stopped and staying home with the family became our new norm and reality. In many ways, there is something special that we are all together, yet for me, this place of being unable to fix, to help, to solve, was hard… yes, this powerlessness.

A week ago I was thinking to myself, who am I being in this, what can I do to feel that I am not just waiting for this to be over and when we can all go back to our regular life? If I can’t support my community with my photography business, who can I be? what can I do?

I saw an article about face shields being produced on 3D printers and was looking at how to produce it. I wanted to get busy and help in any way possible. That search led me to a site of Make DIY Face Shields (

And there I found this great video by Isaac Naor

Marie with our Face Shield

Since I started to do those, the amount of people who are interested in how to join this project is really growing daily, and super inspiring. I hope that by the end of this weekend we will be able to have created over 250 shields and get them to those who need them. This past week I was able to deliver shields to Valley Hospital and leave masks for some nurses and doctors that came to pick from outside our home.

I writing this because I want to invite you to join me and my family in the creation of DIY personal protective equipment (PPE)

If I can help in any way, show you how to order materials, or put this together please don’t hesitate to contact me. Being in service to those who are in need is the only way we can become purposeful in this crazy, scary time.

Another very interesting link to the Facebook group of the Open Source COVID-19 medical supplies. Make sure to check it out:

With lots of gratitude to all the medical staffs all over, I invite you to join me and show them our gratitude

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