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The Magic Connection of Twins

As a mother of twins I am honored to be able to view their magical connection. The connection shows up in big and small things, when expected or not, subtle or strong, or in any other surprising ways. The older my twins get the stronger this connection becomes.

As a photographer I have been watching our twins from the lens of my camera for thousands of hours and am always in awe of this connection. This magical connection is one that I want to capture and more important celebrate.

I love watching twins go through life with this unique connection. They have a deep seeded commitment to each other. They are in their own special sync (even if it seems they aren’t) and at times, as needed, they are each others advocate. I love those times when they protect each other. When one of them isn’t feeling well, the other one always takes care of the other. When they do their homework, they look to help each other, but mostly it’s their deep friendship, that is really one of a kind.

As I love watching this connection, I have decided to photograph as many twins as I can in commitment to capture and celebrate them. I launched the Twin Connection Portrait Project a few weeks ago and am very excited. I have been in conversation with many mothers of twins, hearing their stories and setting up their photography sessions. I am excited and grateful.

So if you are a twin or a twin parent I would love it if you join me in this project. The cost for the photography session is $120, with it you will get a gorgeous metal print of one of the images you choose from our portrait photography session. At the end of the project I will donate 30% of the net sales to the Pediatric ICU at Hackensack medical center.

I am looking forward to capture the twin magic and celebrating twins of all ages. Please feel free to share or tag friends to this posts so they can be a part of this very exciting project.

Click here to register to the Twin Connection Portrait Project

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