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Its been a while that I enjoyed long exposure photography but never took the time to get into it, and experience it for myself. Long exposure photography is a genre in photography that is often associated with fine art photography, and that is what makes it so special, so unique and special.

Lately I have been shooting more long exposure photos and loving the whole experience. Today I was asking myself what make this so special for me?


The main and first thing that made me fall in love with long exposure is the effect of smooth looking water, or movement. Oceans and Waterfalls are another type of long exposure that people love. I love the smooth out water that makes it look still or frozen, as well as a water drawing


When you use long exposure of a few minutes(!) you always get those blurred clouds that for me really look like a painting, as they emphasize the movement, as well as creating a nice texture in the background that allows you to focus on other elements of the photo.


There is some quietness that is created with long exposure images, maybe its the moment or the elimination of people in these images, or lack of focus on them, that gives those images a sense of serenity, quietness that I love. You can’t not pay attention to long exposure images, they just get you to stop and look, observe, get quiet for a moment and I really love that special moment they create for each of us.


Always amazes me how those familiar places look so different when you put a long exposure to them. At times they get a very dramatic new look that changes all of our old thoughts about a place, at times we don’t even realize its a familiar place that we get to experience all new.

Photography is such a unique type of profession, its really your finger print on your work and I am very excited to see so many interesting new view of different photos, and learn how they were taken, and all the experience that goes along with shooting those images.

I invite you to take your camera, read about what makes a good long exposure images and just try it out. Its lots of fun and you get to recreate new images of old and familiar places.

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