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Meet Dania

I'm so happy you've found me. I truly LOVE meeting new families and having a fun time with you. Creating gorgeous images for YOU just about makes it a perfect day for ME!

I have created Unique Focus in order to share with you my love for photography and people.

Mission Statement: I am a creative, inspiring and loving Photographer and life Coach working with individuals to see themselves in a new light as they express the beauty they have come to share with the world. Photography and Coaching are my vehicles to achieving just that.

It is about really getting to know you and your little ones, and capturing the true essence of what makes your family so special. 

I love my work because: I am extremely excited about capturing the beauty of people and their fascinating worlds. I take photos mostly outdoors, as I find getting to know you in one of you natural play environments, where they feel mostly comfortable, helps you be as comfortable as possible and to not focus on me or the camera. As a photographer my goal is to capture emotions that tell a story. A story of joy, excitement, happiness, frustration, love, quietness etc. A story that will be a gift in the future.

I take the time to interact and create a high comfort level in order to reveal your unique personality in every photo.

Overall Vibe: Safety, love, lavender, simplicity, magic and Orange

Nurtured By: Authenticity, waterfalls, silence, dolphins and the smell of freshly cut grass

Inspired By: Those who don’t give up, those who are vulnerable and honest

Favorite Activities: Photography as meditation, Tennis, cooking, laughter with people I love, growing my own vegetables

I look forward to meeting you, and capturing those moments which will be special memories for a lifetime.

Contact Me

333 Crescent Ave.

Wyckoff NJ 07481

Phone: 551.404.0999

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