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Is your Personal Branding reflecting all your power?

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

I am excited to invite you to the creation of your new online branding experience. Emphasizing you as a professional, powerful, committed, fun, easy-going, or any other characteristic, we work together to create images that convey just that.

I am a natural light headshot photographer, the branding sessions can take place indoors or now, with social distancing being so important, outdoors on locations that are relevant to your business.

We offer a full day of photoshoot and as many locations, you would like to create a “bank” of cohesive and on-brand photos for your website, emails, blog content, social media, marketing materials, and online shop.

We will have a consultation before your special day of photography to discuss, understand, and set up all that is a need to achieve these exact goals we decided are important to you.

Hair & Make-Up: Professional makeup is not required but it's available if you choose to have it.

In my work, I am looking to create images that will match your brand and your professional content. Your'e branding is super important and the main goal is to get your audience "land" into your sales process as they fall in love with your brand. Remember we buy with emotion and justify with logic.

How to prepare for a successful personal brand photoshoot

  1. Create a List of Your Goals for the Photoshoot with your photographer. Make sure you are clear on what you are looking to create

  2. List where the Photos will be Used. Where other than the instagram or Facebook.

  3. Create a Mood Board for Your Personal Brand Photoshoot. Those are super helpful to make sure you are consistent with your brand and messaging

  4. Plan Out Your Outfits and your look, its a part of your branding

  5. Make sure you're staying open to new possibilities during the photo session as those at times tend to create super creative images

For more information please feel free to contact me at:

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